East Clare and Shannon

The Brothers of Charity Clare provide a range of supports for people with intellectual disability / autism in their communities in East Clare and Shannon areas.  Working closely with family members and community networks to identify and access the most appropriate opportunities available in each area.

 We now have bases locally in

  • Shannon, at the Respond Community Centre,
  • Tumgraney, in the Community Development Project, and
  • Obair, Newmarket on Fergus.

We include ourselves in all that is going on building supportive networks that are inclusive and help build confidence in people we support.We work with each unique individual and their families identifying what it is that is important to that person and what is needed to be done so that they can have the opportunity for a good life.

We also offer the choice to individuals to avail of a variety of short breaks. weekends or nights away, support at home if required and we also link with the Home sharing team which is a new and increasingly popular way of having a supported break.

We have had a lot of success helping people take on valued social roles and get known in their communities for the positive contributions they make.

If you or a family member would like to learn more about our services we would like to meet and show you what we do.


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Brothers of Charity Clare

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Community Coordinator

Brothers of Charity Clare



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Community Coordinator

Brothers of Charity Clare

Respond Building


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