About Us

“Love and Respect Towards a Full and Valued Life”

During the past four to five years the Clare Services have changed how we provide support to people with intellectual disability. Our focus has been to develop our service from one which supported people in segregated group settings to one where individuals are supported to access opportunities, services and supports which enable each individual to live a ‘real life in a real place’.

Individuals with intellectual disability share the same dreams and aspirations as everyone else. They want to access education, choose a career, go to college, have a real job with real pay, be supported to follow their interests, live in a safe affordable housing no different to the housing that everyone else enjoys; to be valued and make a contribution to the wider community.

To bring supports closer to where you live we now operate from three distinctive bases, the North-West Region, East Clare and Ennis. If you are looking for a service where partnership and relationship between family, friends and community are important we are building an expertise that will help you to live the full and valued life you hope for yourself.