Kilrush Services

What we do?

We support people with a learning disability to become meaningfully involved in their own communities to the full extent of each person’s desire and capability.

Why do we need the Kilrush Service?

We believe we offer a clearly defined alternative of individual and community based support to all new people looking to us for a service. People already receiving our service are also involved in this transformation as we move away from the traditional segregated way of working.

Who is Eligible?

Adults with an intellectual disability, who are referred to us from the HSE

What area do we cover?

Kilrush and outlying townlands

What services we provide?

  • Individual Support Requirements (Agreed with you and your family, supporters, friends)
  • On going Review
  • Support in establishing you in your home
  • Developing your social life, interests and friendships
  • Working towards supporting you to achieve self esteem through independence you in your home

What Issues and Concerns have people we work with encountered?

  • Self esteem/ self belief issues
  • Isolation and segregation issues
  • Communication and mobility challenges
  • Transport
  • Frustration with the limits of support
  • Desire for friendship, relationship and purpose

How do we support community involvement?

Our new community based teams support you to explore what’s out there for you in the community.
We openly seek volunteer work and work experience that suits your interests and your developing potential.
We offer ongoing individual support work to help you maintain your involvements.

Contact Details:

Manager:Pat Lillis
Phone: 065-9052299 or 087-9329698