Miltown Services

What we do?

We support people with a disability to pursue and lead an ordinary life within their own community. This includes supporting people to find paid employment, make friends and become contributing members within their own community.

Why do we need a Brothers of Charity Service in Miltown Malbay?

At present there are four people in the Miltown Malbay and wider area who require services. They require an individualised service that can only be achieved in a local, community based setting.

Who is Eligible?

The service is open to people with a learning disability who live in the Miltown Malbay and wider area who require support in different aspects of their life.

What area do we cover?

Miltown Malbay, Mullagh, Quilty and Kilmihil.

What Issues and Concerns have our Clients encountered?

Change from one type of service to another ie. From a grouped ‘workshop’ setting to the community based, individualised setting – a period of adapting and learning new ways has been a challenge to some individuals and families.

How will I get a paid job?

What is there for me to do in Miltown Malbay?

Will I get to see my friends from the last place I was?

How do we support people with disabilities?

We take time to understand each person’s needs, strengths and interests.

We support each individual to make choices and to carry out these choices.

We co-create an individual plan with each person to outline their goals and dreams and we use this to guide how we support them.

Why support a Person with a Disability in this way?

This individualised approach to supporting a person with a disability ensures that the person is respected, listened to and their individual needs are met in the best possible and most natural way i.e individually within their own community.

Why use the Brothers of Charity Service in Miltown Malbay?

It is a small, local service – allowing for a personal, individualised approach for meeting people’s needs.


Co-ordinator: Becky Fowler
Phone: 087-9160175